Three poems by Kate Behrens



    Dream Lover


Next to a Spanish river, I tell him
my body is ruined.
Not existing, he doesnʼt mind:
I like your differences.

With metallic water,
time unravels blue streets,
silver mohicans ‒ theyʼre palm trees −
behind them, tall town houses
of the belonging children.

Be careful what you wish for, I say,
unwrapping two bocadillos,
tapping at tunes enveloped
in dream.

The moon picks out flat stones,
brings us to great longing
we are ill-prepared for

since we near the death of all
we had once believed in,
as I kiss
cruel air.



    Anniversary Poem


i.m Sophie Behrens


The thrown-sand sound of rain,
slurred dictator, memory,

needling dark.

Pure feeling was the first born.

As a face appears
clearer than it has,
from imminent proximity

the afterlife of love
wakes us survivors:

each unclear breath
struggles out from buried love.

Hills never listened
to human solutions.

Precision around abstraction ‒
flowers outlive each night.



    Another Old Roué


…That marvellous lure
on which he will always dangle, helpless as a chub

(when focusing down on it, meaning gets confused).

Heʼs spruced himself up without needling boredom,
drums happy tunes on cab-borne knees…

But Loveʼs an ignis fatuus. 

Remembered: cold chutes, then evaporation, as the new him goes, a no-thing 

Time has lapsed. They can be light, mature,
canʼt they? He will be able to choose a stayer or bear

a new wound. Craves the motivation (a slippery
fish, maybe, but hey, doing the dishes).

She will be kind of wondering
where is that person she fell for… the person.


Kate Behrens

About Kate Behrens

'Penumbra', Kate Behrens' third collection, was published by Two Rivers Press in January 2019, after 'The Beholder' (2012) and 'Man with Bombe Alaska' (2016). Other poems have appeared in Mslexia, Blackbox Manifold, Stand, The High Window, Reading Universityʼs arts anthologies, Poetry Salzburg Review, twice as Oxford Brookesʼ Poem of the Week and in the poetry anthology 'The Arts of Peace' (Two Rivers Press, 2014).