Wild Court is a new online journal committed to writing and thinking about poetry and its presence in the world today. Based in the English department of King’s College London, named for an Irish rookery, it draws upon an international community of poets, writers and critics, and supports the ‘Poetry And…’ free readings held in King’s Chapel which highlight the connective power of poetry to all other disciplines.

Not far from Wild Court and King’s Chapel is the window in Fleet Street where W.B. Yeats, “very homesick”, once “heard a tinkle of water and saw a fountain in a shop-window which balanced a little ball upon its jet”. He suddenly thought of lake water, and from that came his poem ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’. Wild Court celebrates the fact of poetry’s reach and scope: you never know where one glance in a London shop window will take you. And so Wild Court’s Advisory Board combines international poets, writers and critics with London poets, London publishers, and staff from King’s English Department and the Faculty of Humanities. Our Patrons are: Ed Byrne, poet and Principal of King’s College; Maureen Duffy, poet and alumna of King’s; and Jo Shapcott, poet.


Robert Selby


Sophia Jones

Contributing Editor:

Nadia Saward


Maureen Duffy, Ed Byrne, Jo Shapcott

Advisory Board:

Hannah Crawforth, Joshua Davies, Sasha Dugdale, Parisa Ebrahimi, Russell Goulbourne, Lavinia Greenlaw, Robert Hampson, Ranjit Hoskote, Alberto Manguel, Alan Marshall, Ruth Padel, Alan Read, Christopher Reid, Benedict Schofield, Elizabeth Scott-Bauman, Vijay Sheshadri


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Look up to catch eclipses, gold leaf, comets,
angels, chandeliers, out of the corner of your eye

Jo Shapcott ‘Of Mutability’


Light sparkles off tiny insects/ floating on the mirrored water

Ed Byrne ‘Trout At Dawn’


Who are those people who walk about
in my dreams as if they owned the space?​

Maureen Duffy ‘Songs for Sappho’