Wild Court

An international poetry journal based in the English Department of King’s College London

‘claim your ghost’ – a poem by Charlie Baylis


    claim your ghost


for sophie


a night of solitude by the river
driftwood floating through the distance
thinking back to the time before you were born
when the willow’s branches were lines of unblemished philosophy
winding backwards through time
to the moment before you were born
the willow’s leaves grow greener
drinking the water’s cool blues
nothing has changed
your mother and father still love you
you peaked at seventeen
riding the rollercoaster on brighton palace pier
you found what brought you to the river
where you dive deep for answers
i think you should scrub off your face
i think i should steal this moment from you
this is the part where you stare him in the face and win
claim your ghost, the one with the golden wings
driftwood floating under lines unblemished philosophy
driftwood floating over lines of unblemished philosophy
lightning flashes
shooting stars reflect on the surface of the water
you carry a severed head in one hand
in your other hand, your own