‘Glossa’: a poem by Andreea Iulia Scridon




(in response to M. Eminescu)


how you starfished your way
across the pool of infinity bay
how you and paradise made eye contact
beyond the winding slide’s colorful digestive tract
how the clouds were milky pterodactyls in the sky
how you met the ocean’s eye
how you spun in circles on your back like a toy
your youth your most precious alloy

Remember the Atlantic,
its currents cream, its waves ink
Remember the Pacific,
its gulf turquoise, its sands pink

And remember, remember,
remember this -
like the waters, their ebullitions,
for all their durable afterglow,
all things come and all things go


Andreea Iulia Scridon

About Andreea Iulia Scridon

Andreea Iulia Scridon is a poet and translator. She studied Comparative Literature at King’s College London and Creative Writing at the University of Oxford. In 2020, she was awarded the University of Oxford’s STAAR Editorial Prize. She has a poetry pamphlet forthcoming with Broken Sleep Books in 2022.