Wild Court

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Two poems by Adam Warne


This summer saw the release of Adam Warne’s debut pamphlet, Suffolk Bang, published by Gatehouse Press. Warne’s fractured, ‘spooked songs’ draw on folklore and an ethnographic study of his native Suffolk. Below are two new poems.






chronic perennial, similar 
to spinach though borne 
on a serrated margin, cast 
out, malignant also 
in nitrogenous soil, take
with a long hollow
horizon to banish 
bronchospasms, catkins
pendulous outside 
the confines of society



    Herb Robert


healing herpes, procumbent
beside split, come by
common spreads, lovers
and madmen have five 
petals, pink and streaked
across, in woodland alluding 
to Robin Goodfellow, are not
you he, nope, peeps
from the bank or slope, arrive
again in April in company 
of cuckoo cuckoo