POETRY AND is a series of free events held at King’s College London, normally on midweek evenings from 7.00-9.00 pm. These events, curated and chaired by Ruth Padel, are normally held in the sumptuously welcoming venue of King’s Chapel, on the Strand, and include questions and informal post-event chat over free wine.

They combine some of today’s most exciting poetry voices with leading experts in other fields, from climate change and neuroscientists to historians, TV directors, psychiatrists, war veterans, and leading academics.

The ‘other experts’ enjoy speaking about their own discipline or art in terms of poetry, while the poets enjoy presenting their work with a focus on the other discipline.

The result is a series of enthralling and illuminating evenings: do come along if you are in London on any of these nights.

Apart from introducing vital new poetry to students and the general public, POETRY AND aims to showcase poetry’s connectivity and relevance (underlined here by Ruth Padel’s article about them in The Guardian) not only to other academic disciplines but to the vital issues of our world today.

Wild Court introduces some of our recent speakers and includes essays about their work.

10 October 2017: Poetry And – World Service

Edmund J Safra Lecture Theatre, Strand

What does poetry offer culturally diverse audiences? The popular King’s College London reading series, POETRY AND – chaired by Professor of Poetry Ruth Padel, presents culturally diverse poets Jack Mapanje, Sarah Howe and Kayo Chingonyi exploring the ways in which poetry enriches audiences across the globe.

This is a free, ticketed event. Please register using the link below:

28 November 2017: Poetry And – The Red Egg

King’s College Chapel, Strand

A talk and poetry reading, chaired by Professor of Poetry Ruth Padel, with two award-winning writers who meet in their shared passion for birds’ eggs: zoologist and ornithologist Tim Birkhead, and poet Paul Farley.

This is a free, ticketed event (with free wine). Please register using the link below:


Past events include:

March 2016

POETRY AND THE DIVIDED BRAIN with Michael Symmons Roberts & Iain McGilchrist

POETRY AND SOLDIERS where six returned soldiers, male and female, read poems and discussed why poetry matters in extreme conditions

POETRY AND FILM with Glyn Maxwell and Thaddeus O’Sullivan

November 2015

POETRY AND HISTORY with Roy Foster & James Brookes

POETRY AND IDENTITY with Daljit Nagra & Sarah Howe

POETRY AND MAPPING with Kei Miller & Jerry Brotton

POETRY AND CONNECTION with psychiatrist Sushrut Jardhav and poets Ruth Padel, Declan Ryan and Malene Engelund

March – May 2015

POETRY AND OUR WAR IN AFGHANISTAN with Andrew O’Hagan & Bryony Doran

POETRY AND CLIMATE CHANGE with David Harsent & Rachel McCarthy

POETRY AND ORIGINS with Vesna Goldsworthy & Bernard O’Donoghue

POETRY AND SCENCE with Gillian Beer & Ruth Padel