Wild Court

An international poetry journal based in the English Department of King’s College London

A poem by Nicola Healey

Below is a poem from Nicola Healey’s debut pamphlet, A Newer Wilderness, published by Dare-Gale Press this month.


This brazen blue day is a dangerous scene.
My mind clashes like a dropped cymbal.
My skin, like all my clothes,
doesn’t fit well.

I go indoors but I can’t shake myself
and the sun still glowers:
Enjoy me, make the most of me,
a gaudy refrain.

Desultory summer is uncompromising.
The relentless light overbears nights
and dendrites like an interrogation.
There is no escape, no
soul shade.

I start to think of winter – long for it.
The illumined trees
line up like lost souls.
With no body of leaves,
I feel a freeing unity.

Winter, dealing in bare truths, does not expect
or deceive: takes us as it finds us.

Winter kneels down and supplicates beside you,
like a silent suffering saint.