Wild Court

An international poetry journal based in the English Department of King’s College London

‘Flyleaf, Tractatus’: a poem by Davina Allison


    Flyleaf, Tractatus



A flock of birds down where it’s still,
where, each morning, fishermen throw their nets into the river,

and they flock in the wide fields.
The sky is clearing.

A rising wind.



And downriver

down past the birch and the oak trees
marked by tides and high water

where fishermen bring in their boats
and their nets
from the sea.


I want you to have these freshwater shells.
I found them in the rushes
at the mouth of the river

and there were boat moorings and fishing crates

and there were fishermen
emptying their nets in the rain.



A farmer cuts the sweet-grass
before it flowers

and hay dries and birds nest.