‘Aged’: a poem by Stuart Henson




I’m thinking again of Gallagher’s strat.
You can’t get that sweated scrubbed-out look
from a custom shop, and you can’t cheat it
down like some shabby-chic with a sanding-block.

Just the road-house hours—in the clubs
with the crowd and the guys with real chops.
And drinking too much. Aye, there’s the rub:
once you’ve slipped down the first the thirst never stops.

Then that night in the ditch looking up
at the stars when he thought it was lost:
tossed out like a fly-tip of building-scrap
and moonlight scaling the frets like frost.


Stuart Henson

About Stuart Henson

Stuart Henson's most recent books are The Way You Know It (2018) and Twelve Days (with illustrations by Bill Sanderson, 2021). A new collection, Beautiful Monsters, is forthcoming from Shoestring.