Wild Court

An international poetry journal based in the English Department of King’s College London

‘Worshipping at the Shrine of Artemis’: a poem by Saul Levene

Worshipping at the Shrine of Artemis, the Hunter

You kneel in the underbrush

           clutching a knife in one hand,

antler in the other,


blistering away in the frosted

           throat of winter,

mould-green algae leaping up the trees.

God is felt

in warm things,

the altar of his sparkling eye

cool as a creek.

In him, majesty transfers

in the blood.

It is the art of assaulting Atlas. All there is to it

is the sound,

crunching bone and the lowing caught

in the key of d minor

           and mild terror.

The borrowed bleating adds weight

           to your bulk,

you walk


the spirit moves swift

as a deer.