Two poems by Anna Chorlton




Moonlight exposes a split ship
releasing souls.

One - naked torso gleaming -
battles toward shore,

arcing arms throttling breakers,
eyes fixated on a cove flecked with witness.

A soul released from turmoil,
from wild hounds, rising, howling,

he stands tall on rough sand, ruthless eyes roaming.
Why sea, did you let this wretched wrecker free?




A fisherman sails into the fray
of thronging pilchards,
nets digging flowing furrows,
eyes fishing for the glitter
of her winsome smile.

Green eyes dilate, steeped in fear:
a tail writhes,
thrashes free.
Beware the hiss of a mermaid tide
as her kiss turns to rage.


Anna Chorlton

About Anna Chorlton

Anna Chorlton writes in the Cornish wilds, where she lives with her husband, young daughter, and surfing son. She is author of ‘Cornish Folk Tales of Place’ (The History Press, 2019) and writes for Mazed Tales, a project collecting the old tales of East Cornwall and telling them in new ways: Anna had a poem published in the Spring/Summer 2020 edition of Atlanta Review, and is a member of Liskeard Poets. She is on Twitter at, on Instagram @chorltonanna, and her website is